Welcome to The Big Films! We are Fine Art Storytellers whose passion is in creating
beautiful yet meaningful memories and keepsakes.

{ Fine Art }

We use the word fine art because as creative people, we are inspired by
beautiful things. Life is created beautifully, full of colors, inspirations, people.
We are blessed to have different senses to enjoy this beautiful earth.
We hope that through our work, we can channel our passion and creativity
into making more beautiful artworks.

{ Story-telling }

We at The Big Films put utmost importance not only in the beautiful visuals,
but in meaningful works. Humans’ lives in itself is an art, as it contains
many authentic stories of different individuals. Those beautiful,
inspiring stories are what we want to capture here. We believe those memories
are precious moments that are often times overlooked, but will become
more valuable in the years to come. We wish that what we do here can help you
preserve your precious moments so you can revisit them in the future.

Combining the two inspirations are how we came up with this
fine art story-telling concept. Guided by Wiki Lee’s decades of experience in
Sydney and Indonesia, our aim is to help you create your own beautiful
and meaning-filled memories.