March 23, 2018 Nyepi Day Nyepi is a day reserved for self-reflection (refer to WikiPedia). In fact, it's also a new year day. In other words, the religion teaches its people to press the reset button on their lives and to reflect on what they can do better. It would be the same way as a new year resolution, the only difference is, the religion tells them so. I am sure there are many reasons why Bali is such a dream place to have a holiday or even to live in. I would say this kind of “slow-down” life is what makes Bali so special in maintaining a wonderful hospitality and keeping the culture intact. READ MORE
March 2, 2018 BOOK LAUNCH AT KINOKUNIYA Last Tuesday, the book had its first book launch at Kinokuniya, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia. We thought it's the perfect place to have the official book launch. The book store is known around the world for their quality book curation. The event itself was a successful gathering amongst our friends in the industry (Jakarta), and our big supporters - clients turned friends, and future brides. It's way more than what we expected it to be. The book was almost sold out at the end of the events. I could see the excitement of purchasing the book after listening to the author's explanation of every chapter of the book. Mostly they were motivated to buy the book so it could be signed by Wiki Lee himself, on the spot. READ MORE