" Evergreen Friendship "

No matter what work field you are in, it is universally agreed that dealing with people is one of if not the most difficult thing to manage. In today’s world, many people started their career partnering with their friends. It is definitely a great idea as with creating a business, there are so many aspects involved, from financial, to business development, aesthetic, digital platform, branding, there are so many skill sets needed to establish a brand and having your group of friends bringing different strength into your business is such a great boost. However, people also comes with varying characters and personalities, strengths and weaknesses, expectations and opinions. Unfortunately, in reality, having so many people involved in the business planning and decision making can be the quickest way to ruin a business. It is a very common case where what started as a beautiful friendship got broken because of the many conflicts in running a business together.

These 4 women, Angel, Ria, Akte and Renate started the business not knowing much about wedding. They were fresh graduates, all with the same interest in wedding organization. However, what made it work was how they were never afraid of any new challenges. When given a problem, they look for a solution together. When they are faced with unknown cases, they worked hard together to find the answers.

Artea is best known for their capabilities to handle both international and traditional weddings. This is quite a rare case as commonly an international wedding organizer rarely handle traditional weddings, and vice versa. This is due to the different traditions and cultural intricacy that has to be handled during the wedding ceremony. In traditional wedding itself, there are many differing customs from Javanese weddings, to Batak weddings, Aceh weddings, and so many others. This is where Artea girls excel. Starting from zero, they learned everything themselves. When they were given one traditional wedding, they asked around a lot, they studied, they were not ashamed by their lack of knowledge of that specific tradition, instead they got even more driven and motivated to learn from any resources they could find to get the job done well. Every single one of them has this mentality. Thus, this is the fight they do together.

This is where I applaud them. They have such positive outlook on their job and they constantly have each other’s back. They acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses. However, instead of focusing on the weakness, they focus on the other’s strength. They complements one another and together, they build this solid team that covers the many details of a wedding.

Their different personalities end up becoming the key success of their brand, where a motherly figure Ria takes care of everybody, the patient and detail-oriented Angel manages the finances, the cheerful and serving Akte handles the family and parents, and the friendly yet stern Renate makes sure nothing goes wrong with the decor, the food, etc. Diversity in unity, I think that phrase defines them well.

Having mentioned their differences in personalities and job diversity, I believe there is one key that holds them together: their love for their friendship and togetherness. Seeing that no one of them has any tendency to take the credit, or to be regarded more important, or to be overly ambitious, all they want is to enjoy their work. They want to do this job with a happy heart. They have created this bond between them that I believe is a result of years and years of communications and experiencing life together. In my true believe, they must have had many differing opinion or conflicts along the years, but their understanding hearts for each others and their love for their friendship has overcome it all. They know exactly how their partners work that it is evident, they don’t need too many words between them anymore. Their friendship is as genuine as can be, and that love is reflected perfectly in their work.