Beauty in Simplicity

Will & Kezia { Surabaya }

One word to describe Will and Kezia is simply “Sweet”. Having shot quite some weddings in Surabaya now, I found Will and Kezia to be quite a unique surprise. Surabaya weddings are usually very grandeur. They usually have a big family, thus a wedding is usually celebrated in an extravagant way. For those who want a more intimate weddings, they usually have it in Bali as it’s pretty closed by. However, for Will and Kezia, they want to hold an intimate outdoor wedding right there in Surabaya. It’s simply a nice change for me.


It was very apparent from their choice of dress, venue, makeup, flowers, etc. that they want something simple for their wedding. She let down her hair, have her wedding bouquet made of baby’s breaths flowers, everything is so simple. Yet, I found their wedding to be one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever attended. And it’s not only because of all those outside elements, but their interactions with each other was also very sweet. When usually all brides have been busy since very early in the morning, Kezia spared her time to prepared a breakfast for Will. She’s not rushed by her run down, but she’s owning her wedding day. I love when a couple knows that enjoying their most special day is more important than completing a check list of a run down. I believe it was such a special gesture that touched Will’s heart as well.