Classical Beauty

Richard & Mary Jane { Sydney }

Richard and Mary Jane met in Sydney University when they both attended the med-school. One thing that was very interesting about their wedding was their chosen wedding chapel, which was at MJ’s high school chapel, the North Sydney Girl High School. It has been her dream since she attended high school that one day she would get married there. Seeing the location, I can totally understand why. It is such a beautiful, classic building located up on the hill, overlooking the city view. It is just simply gorgeous! I was so happy taking their photos with those beautiful background.

Another sweet moment was when Richard mother gave her speech. It showed how much she welcomed MJ into the family as she had always wanted to have a girl in the family. When she was pregnant with Richard, the doctor told her that it was a girl. It was such a surprise when he came out as a boy. Now that MJ was entering the family, his Mom was so delighted that she finally has a daughter. It was just so endearing to see a familial love like that.