" Journey to The Past "

Life is hard. Especially in Jakarta, to succeed in a career is almost a battle. Our parents always said that we need to work hard to live comfortably. But in today’s world, sometimes hard work is not enough. In Fetty’s story, I believe there are much more than hard work. It is endurance, patience, perseverance, faith, positivity, dream, and much more. I am a believer that behind every good person, there are good people behind them. Fetty’s journey is a living testimony of that. All along her rough journey, she has the full support of her sisters, her mother, her family and friends behind her. I believe with this positive force, they have shaped Fetty into who she is today, a kind and yet strong-hearted woman, who even though she had to faced storms, she faced it with kindness and perseverance. With this mentality, she turned things into gold.

Throughout this film-making process, one thing that I found out was that all of her personnels who have worked with her from her very beginning are still working for her now. I was really surprised as when I talked to many of my fellow wedding vendors, we all know how hard it is to maintain people. It is such a testament of what kind of an employer she is. I got a time when I chatted with Pak Rahman, and he said, “Fetty is just a chill boss. She doesn’t differentiate us. She genuinely treats us like a friend.” It was apparent in Fetty’s story that a kind and good characters do play a big role in her success.

However, the road to get here was never an easy one. Fetty’s love for pretty dresses has started from when she was a little girl. Watching her mom sew all her families clothes, she fell in love with the process and the results. She never bought any dress outside because none could compare to her mom’s dresses. Growing up, following the common expectation for a girl, Fetty took Economy as her major in university. At the same time, she did the R&B dance professionally, taking her to join international competitions abroad. After having the success in the field, she returned to Palembang to teach dance courses in her sister’s gym. Her life and career was built.

All until her Mom passed away in 2009. Being the baby in the family, she was so close to her Mom. Thus, losing her mom was such a huge blow on her. Hitting rock bottom, she decided to get back up. The only way she could think of was to leave Palembang, pursuing something she has always dreamed to do: fashion. Fetty sold her car, taking all of her savings, and moved to Jakarta. She enrolled in Susan Budiharjo School of Fashion and rented a tiny room, 2x3m in size. She did everything on her own. With her limited saving, she could only afford a used manual sewing machine costed only 500 thousand rupiah. She brought it to her room, working on the floor as the room couldn’t fit another desk for her to work on. There was even times when her saving counts to zero.

Yet, after all those hurdles, Fetty continues to praise God for His providence and grace in her life. He used everyone around her to gave her the financial support she needed. From making a simple skirt her church friend asked of her, the demand increased and provided her with the funds she needed to purchased her school materials. As the final course came along, God moved her sister’s heart to buy her a sewing machine adequate enough to create a more elaborate design. After she graduated, in order to save money, Fetty's sister invited her to use her garage as Fetty’s workroom. It was at that small garage where Fetty’s career in fashion started. From the time she sew all her dresses by herself, until now 5 years later, her office turned into a 3 storeys building, a work room in which she prepared for her Paris Fashion Show. Today, Fetty has become one of the most successful female wedding gown designers in Jakarta. It was a truly inspiring story indeed. Humbly, she returns all the praises to God. And I personally, am grateful that I stumbled upon this beautiful story as I prepared for my own storytelling project.