" The Host "

In a wedding decoration, fresh flowers are considered one luxury item. I am personally a lover of nature and living plants. Having fresh flowers in a decor brings life and breaths freshness to the whole room. As advanced and real the imitation flowers are today, they can never compare. From the colors, the imperfections-make-perfect details, fresh flowers simply delights your heart. It makes sense that on every fine wedding that is designed to be pretty, elegant and classic, they always based the concept on fresh floral arrangements.

Having said that though, even among fresh flowers there are many “classes”. Due to our tropical climate, we grow the best tropical plants. However flowers, they mostly grow best on 4 seasons countries. Thus, unfortunately, our local and imported flowers simply can’t compare. From the quality such as colors and sizes, to the varieties, imported flowers still excel in many different ways. If we go abroad, we will find so many beautiful flowers twice the size the flowers we have here. The colors are vibrant and the varieties are endless. Each one of them carry such a persona as if they own their characters in the floral worlds. Their beauty invites adoration from anyone looking at them.

Fully aware of this fact, Natasha is a huge risk taker when it comes to investment. When she dove into the floral industry, she knew she would never settle for anything but the best. After doing her homework, studying her encyclopedia, doing her vast research, her choice fell on the Japanese flower, right at the top of the range. As she couldn’t find any local supplier who would bring in those Japanese flowers, she flew to Japan to look for the best supplier who would deliver them to Jakarta. Returned home, she brought back with her a bunch of Japanese flower options for the Indonesian market to enjoy.

However, fresh flowers do not have a long shelf life, mostly 1 week in maximum. Thus, as a pioneer, it was insane how much of an investment she made in her early months. There wasn’t that much demand yet to cover the expense. Nevertheless, Natasha is not one to settle. This is her choice and she believes in it. She is a woman who doesn’t take no as an answer. After looking for ways and solutions everywhere, she finally found her market and succeed in establishing her brand as well as making great sales. As she always tries to personally make the best arrangement, her results are always impeccable. She manages to change the flower industry in Indonesia to reach an international standard, a level that no one could achieve before.

Listening to her aspiring story, it was a pleasant surprise learning where her drive came from. I knew Natasha from when she was a professional chef back in Sydney, Australia. She owned an Indonesian restaurant called 1945, and she even co-own the Australian Sushi Tei. When we chatted, one interesting fact that I discovered was that she loves hosting. Knowing what a bright and lively girl she is, I am not surprised that Natasha finds joy in making her people happy. Her way to do so is by hosting a table at her place.

As she hosts a table, she goes all out not only in preparing her food, but also in making sure the whole ambience is perfect. From the beautiful table setting, the touch of fresh flowers, to the music played. She just loves entertaining people in such way. This same heart was what birthed her path into becoming a florist. By creating the best flower arrangements, she wishes to put smiles on others face. Knowing all this back story, I find this heart simply lovely.