Recently I had a conversation with my friends about how it is funny that most couples share one common trait: it is that husband and wife often have contradicting traits/characters. We were talking about little things like I usually have troubles falling asleep at night, while my wife would be gone as soon as her head touches the pillow. Everyone was like, us too! So when I looked at Han and Chooi Yee, I just grinned to myself seeing how different they were from each other, and yet I guess that’s what works for couples!

Han is a very bright person. He is energetic, outgoing, bubbly, a true extrovert I would say. Meanwhile, Chooi Yee is one reserved lady; calm, sweet and soft spoken. Nobody knows where and how the phrase “opposite attracts” arose, but it is indeed how things work with couples. Every character has its strengths and weaknesses, and no one can be strong in all areas or at all time. It is the beauty of marriage where husband and wife each has complementary personalities and roles. It is for when one is weak, another becomes the stronghold.

On their wedding day, it was raining so bad. Nearing the reception time, Chooi Yee broke down in panic. Han stepped up to calm her down and assured her that regardless whatever happened, everything would be okay. It didn’t take long for Chooi Yee to feel better. In that situation, I believe that Han was the only person who could give that comfort for her. In the end, they were both able to enjoy the day and the memory of the wedding was a happy, joyful one. Despite the rain, I think it was a beautiful start for their journey together.As human, we all know that we can never be strong in every moment of our lives. There will be times that we have to accept our vulnerability. So it is a very comforting feeling to know that through all that, there will always be someone faithfully standing by our side, being strong for us, and be that pillar we can trust.