Hello, World!

Journal { 19.01.2017 }

Hello, World! We are excited to introduce to you our new concept in this new website.

For decades, Wiki Lee has been dedicating his time into creating beautiful yet meaningful wedding photography and videography, basing first in Sydney (2004), and most recently in Indonesia (2013). We have had different brand names in different countries such as Foto Expression, The Big Films, and Wiki Lee Photography. Today, we are excited to tell you that Wiki Lee and team will be serving internationally under the name of The Big Films. Our bases are still located in Jakarta, Bali and Sydney.

Along with our memory-driven philosophy that we still believe is solid today, we are introducing a new concept of Fine Art Storytelling. In this new concept, we are diving more into the aesthetic world, serving you film photography that genuinely preserves your moments and memories. Your stories are our inspirations, and creating a wedding film and photojournalism that truly reflects who you are as a couple are our goal. We are excited about our new products and our passion is reignited into creating even more beautiful and meaningful works. We hope you will enjoy what you see!