High School Sweetheart

Brian & Diana { Sydney }

I think a lot of us might agree that high school loves hold many memories. Maybe because we were young and inexperienced, our emotions were usually so invested that either it became our sweetest love story, or our most hurtful heartbreak. Those are the times we first learned about relationships, expectations, the sweetness and bitterness of relationships. Lucky for Brian and Diana, their love lasted and even after 12 years, their love only grew stronger for each other.

Brian and Diana’s story is very endearing. During their high school years, Brian borrowed his friend’s phone to text a friend of his when his text was misdirected to Diana. They started talking and before they knew it, they became attached to one another. It took them 12 years to enter marriage. Yet even after so long, their love didn’t fade away. Instead, after living their lives together, they couldn’t see how their lives would be without each other.

People usually say that the first 2 years of a relationship is the “honeymoon period”. After that, it’s commitment. But having lived in love myself, I know that many times, what deepens your love is not the grandeur things your partner do for you, but in the littlest affection and mundane things they faithfully do over the years. Watching Brian and Diana teared up when they finally got married, I can understand that they’ve become so precious for one another after receiving each other’s love for so many years. It’s a display of pure gratitude and blessedness to have met this person you now can’t live without.