" A Life of Passion "

Weddings in Jakarta are intricate. It has mountains of works to do and details to take care of. Especially with the eastern world culture where hosting a wedding carries a huge weight where the host, in this case the wedded couple and their parents, has to serve their guest with the best of everything: from the aesthetic, to the food, to the hospitality, and the list goes on. Not to mention the thousands of guest invited. It is a huge project. Organizing a wedding in Jakarta is no easy task. I would say it is a very demanding job with a lot at stake. Irene, being a driven woman that she is, was never scared of the responsibilities she has to carry on her shoulder whenever she agrees to handle a wedding. In contrary, it is her passion and her love.

Irene carries herself in a specific way she wants her brand image to be depicted: professional and trustworthy. Thus, it is no surprise how much importance she puts in the way she and her team members dress up and present themselves. Everytime I met her, or even her team members, they always look so presentable; with their make up done, professional outfits, and even heels! It doesn’t surprise me hearing a story of a Father of the Bride choosing Irene because he believes if she is the one to take care of her daughter and her wife on their big day, he can rest assured they would look great and their event would be handled with a high standard of aesthetic.

As much as beauty is a big factor in one’s wedding, another important part is how to make the happy couple enjoy their most important day with peace of mind that nothing will go wrong. Irene is best known for her hospitality towards the couple and their families, and also her perfectionism that she never settles for anything less than perfect.

This perfectionism is such an important quality that she demands from her team. Her strength though, is in her ability to drive her team to achieve this standard. It has been proven hundreds of times with the many successful projects she has lead. If it were my own wedding, I would be at ease knowing that someone with this quality is handling all the details of my important day.

To get to where she is now though, has never been easy. Growing up as a tomboy with braces, Irene was not the most confident in her look. She started to gain more of them when she became a flight attendance for Singapore Airlines. However, she still couldn’t see herself doing it for the rest of her life. All up till she was assigned to organize an event in her second job. She enjoyed it so much that she knew, this was it. This was the thing she was meant to do all along. She moved back to Jakarta and found her passion in wedding-organizer back in the early 2000.

Unfortunately for her, the struggle didn’t stop there. During that time, having a wedding-organizer as your job title was seriously under-appreciated. Not to mention that she was a woman where the expectation was for her to work behind the desk. However, the pressures never beat her fire. She started small, working from door to door. But with her determination and her firm hold to her perfectionist ideal, she proved herself worthy of people’s trust in this industry.

Today, Irene is a proud mother of three, living with her husband, working passionately on a job she adores, devoting her everyday life doing things that she loves. She is the living proof of a fighter. Nobody around you should shape the direction of your life. Nobody other than yourself is responsible for your happiness. Nobody in this world should settle for their lives. Find your passion, believe in it, fight for it, live it.