It is blessed to be cherished

" It is blessed to be cherished "

Kevin Putri - it is blessed to be cherishedHow blessed is a woman who is cherished by her man?Kevin comes from a family of three: His Mom, his little sister, and himself. Having lost his Father since he was young, Kevin knows how hard it has been for his Mom to raise him and his little sister by herself. It is something he has always admired: her strength and unbounded love. Having received such love, Kevin grew up to be a family man, one who truly appreciates and cherishes the people who love him, and whom he loves. This character of him is very apparent as I get to know him deeper and witness his wedding.

For me, there are two women who are the highlights of this wedding: his Mom and his now-called wife. As much as I’d like to emphasize that Kevin is very blessed to have such strong and caring Mother, what was also very clear to me was how grateful he was for her. It was very sweet to see how he really listened and cared for his Mom. I believe that throughout the years, without his Father’s presence, they have become each other’s dependable rock. For a parent, there is no greater reward than to see our child grows up well and to be so close to us.

They say you can see how a man will treat you by seeing how he treats his parents. This saying really applies to Kevin. Not only he deeply adores Putri, he truly cherishes her. He expresses his affections a lot by pouring her with thoughtful gifts and surprises. There is this story from before they got together. So, Putri is a huge, huge lover of dogs! That day, Putri was returning from abroad, and Kevin came to pick her up at the airport. He brought a gift to welcome her and as she opened the box, it was a puppy! How cute is that?! And it was just one of the many thoughtful surprises he has done for her.

Knowing many relationships, one regretful thing couples do is when they get used to receiving each other’s affection and take things for granted. Having experienced real lost, Kevin knows exactly how to truly cherish the people in his life. This is a lesson I learn today. Thank you for reminding me that for a relationship to work, we need to constantly remind ourselves to show appreciation for our partner, both in words and in deeds. Having said that, Putri, you are one lucky lady!