Loved & Cherished

Ariya & Vita { Kanomayasa Villas, Bali }


Ariya and Vita are one of our own. We’ve been privileged to witness this beautiful relationship comes to fruition as we shot their wedding in Bali. Here goes a little story of this beautiful couple: Ariya and Vita have been together since high school with an on and off relationship. Just like for many of us, relationship is not always an easy, smooth ride. They have many obstacles to overcome together. But what’s beautiful in this story is how patient and supportive Vita has always been for Ariya in all of his ups and downs.

Ariya has always wanted to have everything in his life settled before he could ask Vita for her hand in marriage. It’s totally understandable for a man. But sometimes what we often miss is that there will never be a perfect timing, there will never be a point where we feel like we’ve achieved enough. This realization comes to him as his mother passed away. As he saw how Vita has always been by his side even during all the low points in his life, he found no reason to delay marrying this woman any longer. This is a woman he has always cherished and now is the best time to take that leap of faith and marry her. Instead of preparing his life first before getting married, they decided to prepare their lives together. And it is indeed a lot more beautiful to face this life together with your loved one fighting along with you.



Now throwback to their wedding day, Ariya couldn’t hold back his tears as he watched his bride walked down the aisle. It was very touching when a groom couldn’t hold back his emotions because he could not believe what he now has: the most beautiful woman in his eyes. In Ariya’s case, she’s his biggest supporter, his strongest support system, his loyal partner who always empowers him in all circumstances. It is the best feeling when you realize how blessed you are to have these people around you and loving you. Not many people are that expressive or sensitive enough to come to that realization. However, watching Ariya and Vita has definitely teach me to appreciate those around me and how I should cherish every time I have with them.