Love Conquers

Romy & Ruby { Kempinski Hotel, Jakarta }

Romy and Ruby is like your dream couple: the handsome manly guy meets the pretty lady. However, the more time I spent with them, getting to know them personally, and listening to their stories, the more I fell in love with this couple. Romy and Ruby are 6 years apart. They had dated when they were younger, but unfortunately they had to break up as her father was worried about the age difference. They walked their own lives separately. However, what is meant to be will be. They met again years later and even after so many times have passed, Romy still found¬†Ruby as his best match. This time, as they proved their love was genuine, they received her father’s approval.

On their wedding day,¬†watching Ruby’s Dad’s expression is so heart-wrenching. It was obvious that he was trying his best to hold his tears as he let go of his precious daughter. It was such a beautiful moment to witness. However, watching this two together, it was crystal clear that they are so meant to be.