Love Endures

Kenneth & Peggy { Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta }



Knowing their stories, it almost brought me to tears watching how much love and blessings they received that day. It was crystal clear how much Ken’s and Peggy’s parents cherish them, and in return, when Ken and Peggy washed their parents’ feet, it was definitely a precious sight to see. It’s not a common sight to see anymore in current society. As much as we love our parents, a lot of us just don’t know how to express the amount of gratitude we keep deep in our hearts. But this gesture, honestly I wish I have an opportunity to do it to my own parents. A wedding is a perfect moment to remember how much love our parents have poured over us through the years and words are never enough to explain the overflowing gratitude we’ll always have for them. I believe that’s what Ken and Peggy were feeling as well.

Having their wedding celebrated on 2 different days, people might say it’s gotta be very tiring. But honestly all we saw was such joy, love celebrated in a very genuine way. Their entrance dance was the sweetest we’ve ever seen! And their glowing faces pretty much said it all.