Love Essentially

Albert & Via { Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali }

The story of Albert and Via reminded us of how sweet love can be. When we first met Albert, he really didn’t seem to be the romantic type at all. You know those guys who don’t seem to be very expressive with their feelings, never seems to be able to do sweet talks. That was our first impression of him. But what became a pleasant surprise was when we heard their proposal story and read his writing on their wedding site.

So here’s a little back story: when Albert was about to propose to Via, he flew his best man Nico all the way to London just to secretly shoot their date and proposal. On their wedding site, not only were those pictures displayed for their friends to see, Albert also wrote a beautiful summary of his side of the story. His writing covers not only their dating history, but also how he felt about her, how he became sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with this girl. This was when I knew, even though he didn’t seem like someone who’s very verbal about his emotions, he’s someone who’s very gentle at heart. He puts importance on keeping precious memory with the people he loves. This made me think that Love can really bring out a sweet side of a person. Those sweet little gestures can make a bigger impact on one’s heart than a huge romantic act.

Weddings are essentially a celebration of this sweet, genuine, simple love. Unfortunately, in current society weddings have often become too commercialized. Thank you for bringing us to the basic. Thank you for reminding us how simple yet strongly meaningful a wedding essentially is.