We LOVE Philipus and Olivia's wedding! Everything was so perfect, not only in all the prettiness, but also in their presence and how real they were during the day.

Here's a little story about the happy couple. Philipus and Olivia met in Germany and had been together for 9 years. They were two authentic people who love traveling and experiencing local culture. Living in Europe, they got many opportunities to do so, like enjoying some espresso in Italy, chilling and chatting with some fishermen in Greece, they just love experiencing life and its different cultures. I truly love how they can appreciate those simple yet beautiful aspects of life. It shows how genuine they are as a person.

Their raw personalities also fruits a sweet and authentic love story. Just like many guys, Philipus is not a romantic person. However, he puts in such thoughtful gesture for his proposal.

For 6 weeks he'd been meeting many diamond suppliers, looking for the one stone that was meant just for her. Then he proposed to her only with the diamond stone, as he felt like they should go find the perfect ring designer together. As for their wedding bands, they have their own hand writing engraved on the ring. Everything about their story has such personal touch and it is very refreshing and heart warming to know each and every story.

Philipus and Olivia, we are so thankful and honored to be part of your special day and get to know this story of yours. We are truly inspired and we hope for nothing but the best for your marriage life. Thank you for letting us know how authentic a wedding can be. xoxo