Life. Life is an exciting adventure, and yet we all know that it can also be rough and challenging. Do you know that one person in your life who always seems to be happy, like there is no hardship whatsoever in his life? I do, and yet I know his life has not been the easiest one. I personally admire him for his positive outlook on life, how he can always be grateful and fueled with energy despite his circumstances. That kind of person always brings infectious joy to his surroundings. Having said that, how precious it is when you find that kind of person as your life partner? Simply said, there is nothing like having a positive-minded, encouraging partner who can always makes you laugh through all seasons in life.

This was the feeling I got from Raymond. On his wedding day, he shone as he brought laughters whenever he went. From his morning interactions with his boys, the door games time, to his thoroughly-prepared vow, even to the evening celebration, he was such a joy to see and to listen to.

That morning he shared their story. He was immediately attracted to Sophie on the first sight, but I guess even funny guys get nervous when they first talk to a girl they like, saying that worst thing a man can say to a girl: “You look older than your age”! Fortunately, he got his second chance and this time he made sure to score a better mark. It was a gesture that Sophie appreciated, and after getting to know him deeper, it was not hard for her to fall for Raymond at all.

A chatty person he is, Raymond is also very mature and exudes such fatherly, gentle charm. Sophie on the other hand is calmer, genuine and down to earth. It was easy to see how they are such a perfect match for each other. Raymond and Sophie, congratulations on your beautiful wedding. Getting a glimpse of your relationship, I believe you will be each other’s biggest supporter and your marriage life will be filled with joy and laughters!

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