The Korean Indonesian Wedding

Rama & Michelle { Bvlgari Resort, Bali }

This is a love story of different racial, a beautiful one. Michelle is Korean and Rama is Indonesian. They met in the UK when she was there for her graduate school and he took some courses in the same university. Rama was persistent in pursuing Michelle and her heart was finally melted. Unfortunately, as their studies were over, they had to return to each perspective country – Rama to Indonesia and Michelle to Korea. They had to nurture a long distant relationship.

However, true love will put in enormous efforts to make things work. And that’s exactly what Rama did. He’s a man who would do anything to make Michelle happy. This is the reason why I believe their wedding must be pretty much Michelle’s dream wedding. It was located in the beautiful Bvlgari resort in the paradise island of Bali, attended by their close family and friends. It was such a beautiful, dreamy wedding.

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