The Rock You Can Lean On

Mariady & Clarissa { Plataran Dharmawangsa, Jakarta }


I have to start this couple’s story by talking about Mariady. He is honestly one of the most kind hearted guy I know. He just has this gentle and positive aura that draws people in and ensure us that we can rely on him as a brother, as a friend, as a man. You know you can trust this man just by spending time with him over coffee or a meal. On another note, Clarissa is your sweet, soft spoken friend that you just can’t break. Growing up only with her Mom and her brother Kevin, this brother of hers had always been her rock, her shoulder to lean on. That protective fatherly figure that she has always loved, she found it now in Mariady. During their wedding day, it was very touching to see how Kevin trusted his baby sister to Mariady. The little girl he always protected now found her true protector. Knowing this groom, I can truly say that she is indeed in good hands! Even during tough times they had to face before their wedding day, Mariady stands true to his positive outlook on life. And having Rissa’s company and support just helped made everything better for him.