Today is Forever

Eric & Cindy { Bennelong Lawn at Opera House, Sydney }

Eric and Cindy is one beautiful couple. I had a smile in my heart as I write this story. Let me tell you Cindy is not one of those girls who’ve had it easy in their lives. She’s an independent woman who stands for herself since she was young. Couple of years ago, she even fought and won against a heart surgery. Everything in her life has turned her into who she is today: a life-lover, a generous giver, a sincere soul who lives today to the fullest, giving everything so she won’t have any regret with every day passed.

Everyone who knows Cindy knows how much she LOVES Korean Entertainment. All of her traits were evidently translated into this gorgeous yet unbelievably fun wedding!

The wedding was held at the beautiful Bennelong Lawn At The Opera House. She picked the gorgeous dresses by Inbal Dror and Zuhair Murad. As she’s not one to waste anything, she went all out for her wedding. Everything was so so beautiful! Yet, the highlight for the wedding for us were how much they put themselves into their wedding: from their first dance that depicted her favorite Korean Group dance, Eric’s surprise flash mob dance, to the cutest vows I’ve heard yet to date. It’s definitely one of the best weddings I’ve attended in all of my photography career.