Uniquely You

Marco & Rebecca { Sydney }

Marco and Rebecca first meeting was interesting. Marco was initially accompanying his friend to meet Rebecca. Never did he expect that they would end up together. Marco and Rebecca are two opposites. Marco is the manly man who’s a car enthusiast. The first time they met, he was driving a Subaru Forrester. That’s not something you get to see everyday. On the other end, Rebecca is the girly girl who loves make up. Total opposite. But that’s exactly how they complement each other.


One interesting fact about our relationship with them was that they actually admitted that they have decided to book us even before they got together. I remember meeting Marco a couple years ago during our exhibition and he has expressed that he wanted to book us. Yet, at that time, he was still single! We were humbly honored and that made us feel like we’ve known them for years even before we got to shoot them. When the time finally came for their prewedding session, we went to Sydney and spent a couple days together. That’s when I got to know them personally. Rebecca is such a caring and thoughtful lady. We’ve built a friendship more than a couple-client relationship.