" A Beautiful Mission "

For someone who just graduated from a law school, to get a phone call for a job interview was like a dream come true. That's what happened to Vanny when she needed to decide whether to go for the job interview or to take her chances and go to her casual make up job. We certainly know her decision by now seeing that today she is one of the most sought after make up artists in Jakarta.

The decision on her career was based on her personal story, where she once found her confidence while putting her make up on. That was how she started teaching other girls how to wear make up and accepted some casual make up jobs during her college years. Other than to collect additional pocket money, it was her joy when she saw other girls gained confidence as she put make up on them.

Make up is a big thing in Asia, where a girl’s image is most often defined by her appearance. When a girl can appreciate herself and puts in effort to look nice, the public will generally appreciate her more. Living in this society, one just can’t afford to be ignorant with her look.

With more and more girls looking so pretty everywhere you go, there are just more girls feeling unconfident with their natural face. After all, any girl wants to feel beautiful. This is why Vanny’s wish is to bring up these girls confidence. Any girl can look pretty, any girl should regard herself worthy of love, and Vanny’s way in encouraging these girls is by teaching them how to enhance their natural beauty with the help of some make up kit.

It has been a big journey for Vanny who started from a mini casual sharing she did during her school years. Today, her efforts come into fruition in the form of her Make Up Academy. Through this school, she wants to inspire all the women that they are all indeed beautiful. They just need to learn how to enhance their natural beauty. When I look at Vanny, how sweet and pretty she is a person, I am impressed by her dream and her motivation. Even when she looks like a princess, she is a fighter at heart, one with a beautiful mission.