When Love Prevails

Aeden & Lucia { The Royal Santrian, Bali }

Aeden & Lucia is a proof where perseverance wins. Aeden met Lucia when they were in the States. Started off as a best friend, she felt awkward when she found out about his feeling towards her. As years passed by, their friendship drifted apart because of the awkwardness and she then moved from Arkansas to California to pursue her study. They lost touch for years, until one day, when Kelvin her brother who’s also Aeden’s housemate graduated, they met again in Dallas. Once they started a conversation, it was undeniable that they’re such a match for each other. They talked as if nothing has changed the past couple years. It continues until they got together back in 2013.


Their relationship hasn’t been smooth from the very beginning. As much as they’ve been ready for marriage from early on, it was the approval of her Dad that they’ve been waiting to get. However, it was through this trial that they grew stronger as a couple. Aeden has always been one faithful and mature man. He believes that God would take control and be in charge of their relationship. His perseverance comes to fruition when one day, they got a phone call from her Dad giving his approval. It was such a joyful moment from Aeden and Lucia that their love finally prevails.


I honestly felt privileged to be a part of their wedding day. We started the day having so much fun. They’re such an outgoing and friendly group to hang with. But what I admired from them happened later during the evening. Right before the reception stated, the rain poured heavily. However, it didn’t dispirited either Aeden or Lucia. Once again they showed their faith in God and kept calm, trying to enjoy whatever ahead of them. This was where I saluted them. Often times when we’ve planned so much for a wedding, we get disappointed if it doesn’t go according to the plan. In this case, they have every reason to be disappointed and let down. But hey they didn’t. They knew what’s more important than a successful celebration is their marriage. They have each other, they have their friends and families with them, and they just enjoy everyone’s presence. Not long after, the sky cleared up and they managed to continue with their celebration. For me, as beautiful as the evening reception was, it was more beautiful watching their attitude and love towards each other.