Workplace Romance

Kris & Maissy { Kuningan City Ballroom, Jakarta }


Kris and Maissy met at their workplace. They initially have a mutual friend that became their “match-maker”. However, what connected the two were actually something a lot more interesting: music & DJ. As they grew closer due to their common interest, they found love in one another.

Knowing Kris and Maissy have been such a pleasure for me. In the Eastern/Indonesian culture where parents commonly pay for their children’s wedding, they both decided to be financially independent and funded their wedding on their own. Kris is such a hard worker and his maturity is what I admired the most about him.

Their wedding day was such a blast. They were just being themselves, not afraid to be acting silly in front of the camera. They were outgoing and free. And that gave me so many real and raw moments and emotions to create a wedding video that honestly reflect their special day.