You’re My Blessing

Aaron + Vicky { Park Hyatt Sanya, China }

Aaron and Vicky’s wedding was held at The Park Hyatt in Sanya, China. It was our third wedding in Sanya, yet the amazing view never ceased to amaze me. It was located between the mountain range and the ocean. Such a dreamy place for a destination wedding. Aaron and Vicky’s wedding is a sweet and heart warming one. I remembered vividly that Vicky really wanted to have a special first meeting at the altar. Thus, Aaron was looking away as she walked down the aisle. The beautiful moment happened when he turned back to see his bride, he could not hold back his tears. It was a surprising one as all his family and friends knew him as a cool, collected guy.

Another highlight of the day actually happened during the evening reception. Vicky LOVES karaoke. That night, Vicky, accompanied by her family members, sang along with Aaron to many nostalgic songs. They were just singing their heart out and was enjoying the time of their lives. It was simply a blast of a party. What a night to remember indeed.