You’re My Blessing

Aaron & Vicky { Park Hyatt Sanya, China }

We were very excited to return to Sanya for the 3rd time, to experience once again the place that is filled with beautiful beaches, fine resorts and all of its breath-taking views. This time we got the honor to witness and capture a very beautiful wedding of Aaron and Vicky in Park Hyatt Sanya.

Aaron is a very charming person. Although Vicky didn’t catch it at first, but as they grew closer, she found such heart warming qualities in Aaron. His thoughtful personality was shown during their wedding when Aaron came up with the idea for the decoration of the ceremony. It was full of baby’s breath flowers. Their ceremony turned out to be the most perfect ceremony Vicky could ever imagine. The baby’s breath flowers define the foundation of their marriage – everlasting and undying love. They don’t need fancy or colorful flowers to show their love for each other, but beauty most often found in simplicity and sincerity.

Knowing how Aaron isn’t a sentimental man, Vicky really wanted to see his reaction and emotions as he first saw her walking down the aisle. While as much as Aaron tried to hold back, he eventually broke down in joyful tears as he gave his heartfelt speech. It was such a beautiful surprise as no one expected to see him crying on his wedding day. Experiencing the feeling of love can truly touch one’s heart in a way beyond our expectation.

The night was filled smiles and laughters as they sang together along the lively music. Such a heart warming celebration indeed!