We are a memory-driven company. By this statement I want to share with you our goal and vision, that is to remind others how important it is to preserve your memory and moments. Every second we live this life, we are creating memories, we are creating our stories and defining who we are and what kind of life we are living. If we take a step back, we will see that our life is pretty much made of our memories. Thus, it is important to capture and preserve your moments to remind you that this is the path that you have chosen, these are the people you have gotten to know and these are the decisions you have made.

The video above is a compilation of Wiki Lee, our founder’s memory. Isn’t it beautiful to watch your own live and recorded moments? It reminds us to be grateful, empowers us to do better, and advices us to appreciate the time we have and to spend it wisely. We hope through watching this film you will be inspired to record your own memory because once the moments have passed, they can never return.