In this #whatwelove series, we want to share with everyone the things we see and love when we create a wedding film. We hope by watching these videos people will get a glimpse of understanding of the things that inspire us, what we prioritize, and what makes a wedding film memorable and meaning-filled.


We love raw expressions and real interactions. Sometimes these moments are what we call the in-between shots. This means that often times, these expressions come out when you are not posing for a camera. This is when you are being yourself and those shots depict the real you and create a more natural videography that embodies your personalities and captures your natural interactions.


More than the beautiful formalities, a wedding is about you, your loved one, and the people who loves you and play significant roles in your life. This is why we put utmost importance to capture the interactions between these people: it can be the laughters, the joke, the stories told, the heartfelt tears, the precious advices, the sweet gestures, everything that is significant will come from the people closest to you. Capturing these moments and your important persons are what we definitely want to include in your wedding memory as it will be much more valuable in the years to come, being able to see those who were there to support you and celebrate with you as you enter your marriage.


Everyone lives a different life, thus every couple have their own authentic stories. These authentic stories are what we want to dig deep and unfold in order for us to create a wedding memory that is uniquely yours. Your wedding film should look different from every other wedding film. It should tell your story and as you watch your film, it should touch your heart as it means personally to you.


As everyone has different personalities, their weddings will exude different ambiences. Some can be more romantic, some more cheerful, some more formal and some more relax. It is very important for us to choose a song that perfectly reflect the couple’s personalities and the ambience of the day. A song plays a huge part in creating a heartfelt wedding video, as it will create a mood. The mood of the song has to be inspired by the mood of the couple and event. It is only then that a song will create a big impact on you as you watch your film.