Why should I entrust my wedding day with you?

First, we have been over 15 years in wedding storytelling industry. The journey was started from Sydney, Australia. Now it's based in Bali, Indonesia and also in Sydney, Australia & Jakarta, Indonesia. We have captured many different variety of weddings in several different locations in the world. Our founder, Wiki Lee, even have published a book - guidelines of Bali wedding preparation, www.uncoverbali.com

Regardless of the number of years in experiences, our team is always a mix between young generations and experienced member to guide the team in making each wedding film. We are still very much excited in shooting weddings as if this is our first timer.

Secondly, we believe every wedding should be treated differently. Our dream and our motivation is always to produce a wedding video as if we make an independent film. Thus, you bet we will work hard to ensure every wedding as personal as possible.

Can we choose the director like most other videography company ?

At The Big Films, you can only choose Wiki Lee (our founder) or The Team who will lead the team. Our philosophy in wedding film-making is like making a movie.

There are actors and scripts.

Everyone at the wedding are the actors or the extra WITHOUT scripts, just be who they are.

On the other hand, the script is the combination between the wedding run-down and the results from story consultation conducted by Wiki Lee. The consultation session is an up-close-and-personal meeting to uncover the couple's story.

Thus, every project is creatively directed by Wiki Lee, the person who has been in hundreds of weddings and already over 15 years in experiences. Wiki personally handpicked the best person in charge on the day based on the style and also the energy to complete the script.

Most of our wedding projects are done by The Team.

What is the difference between The Big Films & The Bali Films ?

The Big Films is after the story more than what just happens on the wedding day. Therefore, the process prior to wedding day involve much more works such as story consultation by Wiki Lee, H-1 session (optional) and meetings. On top of that, the products can be varied from Same Day Edit at the reception and Long Version.

On the other hand, The Bali Films is the cut-down version of The Big Films. It operates like most normal wedding videography company, focuses on producing what happens on the wedding day, rather than the story. Thus, there will be no client (or technical) meeting. It simply follows the stated run-down. The product is more ala-carte style.

What is short film and clean edit?

Our goal in every project is to produce a professional short film with the power like a time machine - something that people can remember the feeling when watching it regardless of the time. Thus, our ambition is to make it as believable, natural and real as possible.

Short film is our favourite form of deliverable because we realise it has to be as compact and concise as possible for people to be able to enjoy. With the combination with our clean edit that covers the complete programs on the day, we believe you have everything you need.

What is Merajut Nusantara & Uncover Bali ?

The Big Films are the primary video contributors at both websites. If couples book The Big Films service for Indonesian traditional weddings, the video style will focus on the story of the traditions as promoted by Merajut Nusantara.

In the similar fashion, couples book The Big Films service for weddings in Bali, the video style generally focuses on the intimate feel as promoted by Uncover Bali.

Who is Wiki Lee? How does his influence impact to the video quality ?

Wiki Lee is our founder and also the current creative director.

It means the process of producing every video in The Big FIlms is guided by a story consultation with him. In this meeting, he will create an internal scripts to prep the cinematography team to focus on.

Please visit his website to see more

Do you do photography as well ?

The Big Films does not offer photography service as a stand-alone package. However, we can offer the combined package with our photography friends if it's for weddings in Bali.

Do you do prewedding ?

The Big Films does not offer prewedding service without combining with wedding coverage packages.

Please visit Wiki Lee website to see his service for full package.

Do you video promotion for business?

The Big FIlms surely utilise their storytelling skill for business promotion. However, the video style normally suits better for the brand awareness marketing campaign that targets the emotional needs. The expertise in storytelling may not benefit greatly if the requirements are more to display the facts.